“I came to this facility almost two months ago thinking that this is the way it was going to be, just ‘live with it’ pain. But after one-on-one interaction, explanation of problem and careful stretches and strengthening exercises, I felt I was getting stronger and more pain free with each visit. It was a great feeling. Now 6-7 weeks later, I feel the best I have felt in a few years. I expect ups and downs but at least I have been educated with tools to get me out of a jam. I have to say that these professionals are true miracle workers in that they do the best they can in making lives pain free. I would recommend them to anyone in need of any pain relief. Great job everyone!” -Jennifer Sundik



 Sally Connolly with Therapist Kim Nappi

“Something as simple as waking in the morning, rising from my bed and NOT feeling like the room is spinning is something I will not again take for granted. Back in Motion is a godsend! The physical therapists and their assistants are professionals. They use equipment/exercises geared to specific areas of the body and deliver amazing results! I would recommend Back in Motion to my family and friends. After a month of vertigo, I am now feeling like myself again. I feel extremely grateful for the help Kim Nappi and Back in Motion have provided!”

“The original complaint of leg ache and heaviness is gone! I had great difficulty climbing stairs and walking long distance. I can now do both with ease. What a relief it is to be physically active again! I thank everyone at BIM for your commitment to my rehab program. You all have been super.”- Michael Noble

“I strained my hamstring during a show and Eliza came to look at it at Portland Ballet- with the help of tape I made it through the next set of shows. After a week off and no improvement I made appointments to come to BIM for more personalized therapy. After 8 visits I am about 90% healed-with the stress of my job  I consider that a HUGE improvement. With the Nutcracker in two weeks I don’t think I would have been able to dance without the help of the staff here. Thank you!” -Amelia  Bielen, Dancer

 “My doctor suggested that I go to Back in Motion for a reoccuring back ache and weak right leg caused by shingles. I must say this was one of the most satisfying experiences I have had. The staff is caring and truly work hard to get you back on your feet. My right leg has returned to normal strength and my back gives me less pain in every day activity. My sincere thanks for your hard work.”-Boyce Jackson

I had been having back pain for over a month. It is now gone. I’m back to my usual exercises-yoga, dancing, and jogging. The staff here has been terrific, very competent but also very approachable and interested in your well-being and recovery.” -Marianne Hill

 “Four weeks ago I came in with a nagging pain in my lower left rib-cage which my general practitioner couldn’t figure out. Mike quickly and correctly diagnosed the root cause and along with Marty gave me exercises to help my arthritic spine that was causing the problem. I now am basically free of that rib cage pain. I experience mild pain occasionally but only when I skip my exercises! “-Carolyn Turcio-Gilman

“MY experience at BIM has been most helpful to me. My balance has improved and back pain is gone. I also feel much stronger. I plan to return again if I need attention. Thanks so much to all the staff. They were so polite and helpful and very knowledgeable about the therapy.”- Elizabeth Preti


Nate Greene with Lauren Veilluex & Jenna Willey

Nate Greene with Lauren Veilluex & Jenna Willey

I am not used to leaving a health care facility with a feeling of sadness that my treatment is complete. I came to BIM with back pain twisting me in some agony and knee pain leaving me feeling insecure about taking long walks. Now just a few weeks later it’s time to return to a normal life equipped with tips from the professionals on how to avoid much of the pain in the future. In the time I spent in therapy I always felt well treated by expert and caring folks. I feel like I have been treated by friends and not just a well trained staff. And I am grateful to be mobile again and Back in Motion.


Cyndi & Mike Moras, DPT

Cyndi Swedson & Mike Moras, DPT

Hi, my name is Cyndi Swendson and I have been battling vertigo for the past 6 years. I went to numerous doctors and specialists seeking help, but with no success. The vertigo controlled my life. I had given up and come to the conclusion that I would have to modify my life to control the triggers that brought on the Vertigo symptoms.  I originally came to Back in Motion for back strengthening. When I explained to the physical therapist that I had Vertigo, he immediately told me they could help me.  They had a trained physical therapist who had success in treating patients with Vertigo. Of course, I agreed to try the treatments. I had nothing to lose at this point.  Well, after 4 treatments, my Vertigo was gone. I was not only amazed at how quick it went away, but how grateful I was to have my life back.  I want to thank all the staff at Back in Motion and a special thanks to Mike for helping me.

I injured my back helping a friend cover a boat. I laid low for a while, trying to work it out on my own. I came to Back in Motion and in three weeks I’m back to normal. My back feels great. – B. Odom

My posture and back strength have increased. I was pleased and items like this should be highly considered as first rule of action before surgery is considered or recommended.  -E. Rowe

The physical therapy has helped me understand better what I can do and exercises have targeted the areas I needed.  After my last appointment, I was able to go to a driving range and hit a large bucket of golf balls, then follow that activity with a 3 mile walk to Douglas Mountain.  Great progress and results! -N. Frizzell

I couldn’t bend my knee without pain and my leg muscles were weak.  It hurt to drive and ride my bike. Now I can do both of these things without even thinking about it! -C. Hasbrouck

“When I first came to Back in Motion, I thought I was dying from back pain and didn’t know what was going on. After the PT, I feel so much better and it is amazing what exercises can do.  Thank you PT!”  J. Petterson

“When I first started at Back in Motion, I had “Frozen Shoulder” as well as the inability to bed by fingers.  It is hard to believe how well I’m progressing. I know it is a long recovery process, but even my PCP is impressed with the results and I am eternally grateful for Back in Motion’s care, knowledge and concern they have for their clients.”  -Dave M

I came to Back in Motion to get help with my inability to traverse stairs easily. Going down was the more difficult. During my initial evaluation, I was made aware that I also had a slight limp with my left leg. During my weekly sessions with Kassia she worked to increase the strength and range of motion in both knees. She also took great pains to explain the reason for doing each exercise and asked me to be sure to continue them after my PT sessions were completed. Another factor I was made aware of is that the mind has a bearing on how the knees function on stairs. At first I was skeptical, but by demonstration I had to agree the mind is involved in the knee discomfort I was experiencing on the stairs. After completing all my PT sessions I find that I am now better able to go up and down stairs and the limp is gone. I am very satisfied with my therapy and would recommend BIM to my relatives and friends. – R. Kalloch

Joe Royland Success Picture

Joe Royland

My name is Joe Royland, and I’m 44 years old. I came to Back In Motion after seeing my Doctor for lower back pain and nerve pain and stiffness/numbness in my left leg. It turns out I had slipped a disc (L5), and the inflammation it was causing was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. As a result, I was having great difficulty walking, and even standing or sitting for long without great discomfort. I was barely even able to sleep through the night, either. After an unsuccessful round of anti-inflammatory steroid treatment failed to help alleviate my condition, my Dr. recommended Physical Therapy as a means to treat it. Thereby, I ended up with an appointment at Back In Motion in Gorham. What started out as a very painful endeavor, soon became something I very much looked forward to doing each week. I am extremely grateful for all that I learned in my time spent while attending Back In Motion, and will use that knowledge to help prevent and further troubles. I would easily and readily recommend their services to anyone in need of such assistance. In closing, I’d like to give all the staff at Back in Motion a big heartfelt THANK YOU! –Joe Royland

Mim Coward

Mim Coward

“I owe my current life as it is to the staff of Back In Motion! It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. When I started this journey I was not sure that I would ever be able to go back to work, or live a normal life. Every single team member at Back In Motion was a constant source of positive reinforcement for me. My visits were the highlight of my week, always a pleasant experience that I looked forward to. It was a long, difficult journey that, thankfully, ended in success! I now rave to everyone about the benefits of physical therapy! These issues are not ones that can be treated with medicine alone, it takes an integrated full body, full lifestyle approach, but it is definitely worth it! I cannot thank all of the people at Back In Motion enough for all they have given me!”  -Mim Coward

Sid Doyle

Sid Doyle

On January 20th, Inauguration Day, I slipped on ice on the top steps at my home, winding up at the bottom of the 5 steps with a complete rupture of the quadriceps tendons from the knee.  On January 27th, I had surgery to repair the injury. My younger daughter worked for a well-known physical therapy company, so it was a no brainer.  Two weeks after surgery, I had my assessment therapy interview and was on my way, so I thought.  My daughter called me the next day to say that their company was not on the list of “preferred providers” that my insurance company would cover.  As I needed to start therapy that week, we were in a panic.  My daughter called back and said that the head of her therapy department told her that if she was injured and couldn’t use their company to do the therapy, then she would go to Mary at Back in Motion. I had a great time at Back in Motion.  Mary, Eliza, Paul and the other therapists were superb as were the support staff.  It was a pleasure working with them.  Everyone was so supportive and encouraging.  The staff never complained about the old, fat guy that always talked non-stop.  They were great.  The occasional bribe of candy or a fruit ring didn’t hurt either.  It put a smile of their faces (but it didn’t get me a reduced sentence!)  If I had to do it over again (which I hope I never have to do), I would go back to Back in Motion in a heartbeat. -Sid Doyle

Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson

“My doctor referred me to Back in Motion for rotator cuff issues in both shoulders on September 21, 2011.  Since I was leaving for Florida on October 3rd, we scheduled three sessions a week for two weeks.  I saw Kim Nappi for Physical Therapy.  She assessed my discomfort in both shoulders and provided appropriate physical therapy that eased the pain quickly.  She made me feel comfortable throughout the whole treatment and answered all questions that I had about the procedures.  She provided exercises to do at home between the sessions that were supportive of the treatment.  Kim was very professional at all times and a pleasure to talk with as we moved through the sessions.In 6 sessions, I have had a remarkable increase in my range of motion and decrease in my pain and discomfort.  In my opinion, Kim Nappi is a great addition to the staff at Back in Motion.  In addition, Physical Therapy Assistant, Phil Joseph, guided me carefully through the exercises after my treatment with Kim each time.  He was also professional and made me feel very comfortable doing my exercises.  Thank you, Back in Motion, and especially Kim Nappi for such great treatment!” -Larry Thompson