Ankle pain exercises can help patients in Gorham, ME, find the relief they deserve

Being sidelined from your favorite activities or having your job affected by ankle pain can be extremely frustrating. Whether you’re dealing with a sprained ankle, Achilles tendinitis, or any other condition or injury, the desire to get back on your feet and back to full action can be strong. However, it’s important to get the rest you need and not rush back into action too soon as it has the potential to worsen your injury. 

This is where working with a physical therapist can help you have a safe and speedy recovery. By following a guided treatment plan that includes targeted ankle pain exercises, you can not only find short-term relief, but also promote the long-term strength and stability of your ankles. At Back in Motion’s clinic in Gorham, Maine, our talented therapists can help you with custom-tailored plans that include ankle pain exercises. 

Finding ankle pain relief with therapeutic exercise

While there are exercises you can perform at home to strengthen and stabilize your ankles, it’s important to never self-diagnose and treat your ankle pain. When meeting with a physical therapist, he or she will take the following evaluative steps to learn more about your injury and the underlying causes. These steps typically include: 

  • Questions about your specific symptoms and the activities that trigger ankle pain
  • A review of your medical and treatment history
  • Movement and posture tests to learn about your biomechanics
  • A hands-on examination to isolate painful spots and movements

With this knowledge, your therapist can work with you to create a course of physical therapy with ankle pain exercises designed to stabilize the ankle while increasing general flexibility. You can also receive proper instruction on at-home exercises and treatments you can perform to supplement in-clinic sessions. 

Experience the Back in Motion difference for ankle pain relief

With our clinic conveniently located in Gorham, our goal is to help residents dealing with a wide range of injuries and conditions find the relief they deserve. It all starts with individualized care that is right-sized for you. By fully understanding your individual needs and treatment goals, you can feel more involved in the process and stay motivated to achieve relief and a return to a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Don’t let ankle pain run your life. Contact us today and start your treatment journey by scheduling your initial appointment.

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