The Best Version of Me: A Fitness and Health Journey

For years I have struggled with my weight; and by years, I mean my whole life.

I have had many ups and downs. Moments of success and high self-esteem and moments of “what am I doing?! I need to get my butt in gear!” That is why I am starting this journey and this blog.

A huge part of a health and fitness journey is knowing what works for you as an individual. What motivates you? What type of activity are you interested in? When is the best time for you to work out? Where is the best place for you to work out? Are you self-motivated or do you need accountability? I won’t be able to tell you what works for you but part of this blog will help you, and me, figure that out.

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My first reason for starting this blog is to help people; that is why I became a physical therapist. I want to help people start this journey the right way. I will focus on tips and tricks I have found useful along the way, work out programs I have found helpful, ways to fit things into a busy schedule, and how to exercise or start exercising when you may be experiencing some pain.

My second reason for this blog is accountability. As a PT I have a knowledge base that allows me to know how to work out and be successful along this journey, but that is easier said than done. If you are following me on this journey lets work together to keep each other accountable. I can’t just sit behind a computer and tell you I am doing it. That goes against my values and who I am as a person, so I want to help you and myself make sure we are as successful as possible in our health and fitness journey.

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Finally, I want to be able to promote wellness within the community and do so while actually being healthy; practice what I preach. This is very important to me. If I am going to help people get better while also telling them they need to be healthy, I need to be better and be healthy myself.

I am starting a 21 day program with a regimented workout calendar to kick things off. I will update my progress along the way through general blog posts, informational blog posts related to PT, and some videos as well. I look forward to going on this journey together! Please follow along on our website and Facebook community page and feel free to start your own journey and share your progress as well! Setting your mind to it is half the battle, the other half we will figure out together!

By Phil Finemore, PT, DPT

Back in Motion® Physical Therapy – South Portland, Maine