Hip pain treatment options

If you’re dealing with pain in your hip every day, you may be wondering what hip pain treatment options are out there. Luckily, there’s a therapy team that can help you find treatment options that are effective for you. 

At Back in Motion, our team is committed to providing our patients with the personalized physical therapy they need. We’re also extensively trained in the latest, scientifically-proven physical therapy methods. However, we won’t approach your therapy like scientists. Instead, we’ll work one-on-one with you throughout your therapy process and offer you tons of friendly encouragement and support. Furthermore, we want to help educate you about every aspect of your condition and therapy, which is why we’ll offer you information about things like our hip pain treatment options. 

Two therapies that are great hip pain treatment options

Our team at Back in Motion offers many effective hip pain treatment options. But, there are two proven methods that we seem to use more often than any others. 

The first hip treatment option we use very frequently is thermotherapy. Thermotherapy may sound very complex, but our team can assure you that it’s much simpler than you might imagine. Thermotherapy is actually the medical term for using heat and cold to reduce pain. For instance, our team may use ice packs to help reduce inflammation in your hip joint or muscles. Once the inflammation is under control, we may then start using heat pads to reduce tension in your hip muscles and joints. By reducing inflammation with cold and muscle tension with heat, our ultimate goal is to help reduce your hip pain. 

The second treatment option we typically use for hip pain is strength and flexibility exercises. Our flexibility exercises are designed to help improve the movement in your hip joint. For example, we might have you do stretches like hip rotations before your strengthening exercises. On the other hand, the strengthening exercises we use may help to improve the strength of your hip muscles. For instance, we may have you do an exercise such as side leg raises. Exercises like this may help you increase your muscle strength and may also help to increase the overall stability of your hip joint. 

These are just two of the hip pain treatment options your Back in Motion therapy plan may include. If you’re ready to find out about all of the treatment options we offer, your next step is clear. 

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