How to prevent lower back pain — five steps you can take

Lower back pain is an extremely common occurrence. Throughout the day, we put so much pressure on our spines that it can lead to injury as well as the long-term development of conditions such as bulging and herniated discs. While there’s no way to completely prevent the development of lower back pain, there are some critical steps that anyone can take to promote a healthier back. 

As physical therapists, we have a particular appreciation for the benefits that a healthy lifestyle can have on the lower back. Whether you’re trying to prevent the development of lower back pain or you’ve dealt with it in the past and don’t want to deal with it again, we hope the following guide can help. 

Follow these steps to a lower chance of back pain

For a healthier lower back, try to do the following: 

  1. Get your exercise — Staying active, including both aerobic and strengthening exercises, can do wonders for your back. Benefits include stronger core muscles, better range of motion and increased blood flow to the area.
  2. Eat right — A diet rich in protein, nutrients and healthy fats that is low in inflammatory ingredients like sugar can help your back stay strong and resistant to injury and degeneration. 
  3. Keep the weight off — Carrying extra weight adds to the stress placed on the lower back. 
  4. Practice good posture — Proper posture evenly distributes your weight and helps better support the spine and lower back muscles. 
  5. Avoid tobacco products — Smoking cigarettes can restrict blood flow to the spine and deprive spinal anatomy of needed nutrients. 

For patients dealing with chronic lower back pain incidences, working with a physical therapist can also help prevent lower back pain along with the above tactics. 

Back in Motion can help you prevent and treat lower back pain

By following a program designed to strengthen your body, improve range of motion and decrease stress on the lower back, you can better manage pain — instead of letting it manage you. At Back in Motion, one of our therapists can provide a thorough assessment to help recommend the individualized treatment plan to help you achieve the healthy and active lifestyle you deserve. To learn more about our locations, staff and treatment options, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you schedule your initial appointment with one of our talented therapists.

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