How to treat shoulder pain in Brewer, ME

Knowing how to treat shoulder pain can be difficult for people who live in the Brewer, Maine area. However, there’s a physical therapy team in your area that can help you figure out how to treat this type of pain. 

Our team at Back in Motion has been providing high-quality physical therapy to the residents of Brewer, Maine for years now. We always keep two goals in mind during your therapy with us. The first goal we strive for is to help you heal as quickly and completely as possible. Our team also strives to create a personalized therapy experience for you every time you work with us. The goals that we bring to our therapy plans are just one reason that we may be able to help you figure out how to treat your shoulder pain in Brewer, Maine. 

Three signs that you should seek professional shoulder pain treatment

Our team knows that it can be difficult to figure out how to treat shoulder pain in Brewer, Maine. For one thing, you may not know when this pain can be treated at home and when you should seek professional help from our physical therapists. 

If you have mild shoulder pain, then our team recommends that you try treating it at home. You’ll know that you have mild pain if your pain only occurs when you move your arm. Another indicator that your pain is mild is if it feels better with rest, icing and over-the-counter pain relievers. Our team knows that a mild case of shoulder pain should respond to this home treatment within a few days. However, we recommend that you continue to rest your shoulder to ensure that it’s fully healed before you try to perform the activity that caused you pain. 

Our therapy team also knows that moderate to severe shoulder pain is an entirely different ball game. There are three signs that our patients notice that indicate they have moderate or severe shoulder problems causing their pain. The first of these signs is that your pain is intense, and it doesn’t subside after days or weeks of home treatment. A second sign of a more severe shoulder issue is that you’re unable to lift your arm above your shoulder or away from your body. The third severe shoulder problem sign you should be watching out for is swelling or tenderness in or around your shoulder joint. 

If you notice any or all of these three signs, our Back in Motion team recommends that you seek help from us or from your doctor right away. We can also help you if you aren’t sure whether your shoulder problem is mild or severe. In fact, we offer free initial consultations in our Brewer, Maine office that can help you determine how bad your shoulder problem is. 

Still need more help figuring out how to treat your shoulder pain? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.