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Poor posture. Strains and sprains. Overactivity. Any of these factors can lead to back pain.

It’s likely that back pain will come for us all at some point in life. After all, medical researchers report that 80% of people experience back pain in their lifetime. If you’ve ever suffered from back pain in Portland, Maine, you know how discomforting it can be. One option you should consider is treating your back pain by meeting with an experienced physical therapist.

How can a physical therapist help you get effective back pain treatment?

If your back pain is severe or persists for more than a few days, then you need to get some help. One great way is to seek professional assistance from a physical therapist. These specialists are experienced at serving patients with all sorts of needs, including minor, chronic and severe back pain.

A physical therapist can build you an individualized treatment plan that can include: 

  • At-home care — Your physical therapist can come to your home to help you perform therapeutic exercises or manual therapy techniques. 
  • Virtual therapy — Many therapy teams can meet with patients virtually. Typically, virtual sessions involve you meeting with your physical therapist over a secure online video connection. 
  • Ergonomic recommendations — Your physical therapist can evaluate how you’re doing normal daily tasks like sitting and standing. They can then make ergonomic recommendations that can help you more easily perform daily tasks and reduce or prevent pain. 

Back in Motion Physical Therapy in Portland offers effective back pain treatment

Would you like to speak with a physical therapist about back pain treatment? Our team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy in Portland has plenty of specialists who can help you. We offer free screenings that can help you begin therapy for back pain. Additionally, our physical therapists excel at building personalized therapy plans for many back issues. 

If you would rather visit us at one of our other clinics, please visit our locations page to find one that’s more convenient for you. In addition, you can contact us today for more information about our physical therapy services or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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