Potential causes of golf-related shoulder pain

Even the most dedicated and enthusiastic golfers recognize the amount of stress that is placed on the body from swinging a golf club. Common locations for golf injuries can include the knee, lower back, wrists and shoulders. While a powerful golf swing can certainly lower your golf score, it can raise the risk of developing these injuries. 

Golf-related shoulder pain is so common since the shoulders connect the arms to the torso, they have to withstand a large amount of stress while being delicate and flexible enough to perform the intricate movements required of them. Repeatedly swinging a golf club at a high velocity can put more force on them than they were designed to withstand, leading to a number of potential injuries. 

If you are dealing with shoulder pain that is affecting your ability to play golf and perform other daily activities, see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. We’ve created the following quick overview to help you better understand the potential causes and take a more active role in your care. 

Common shoulder injuries among golfers

Doctors can perform a physical examination and perform diagnostic tests if needed to determine the specific cause of shoulder pain in golfers. Commonly diagnosed injuries include: 

  • Muscle strains
  • Ligament sprains
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Fractures

There are a number of effective treatment options for these and other shoulder injuries, including physical therapy. Physical therapists can help promote the healing process and prevent future injuries through a combination of strengthening exercises, mechanical and postural training, manual therapies and other forms of treatment. By strengthening the shoulder and improving range of motion, golfers can find the long-term relief they need to overcome injury and get back to their favorite game. 

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