Rotator cuff treatment in Dexter, ME

The rotator cuff is a key group of four muscles and tendons that help stabilize the shoulder. It is a commonly injured area that requires professional care. If you injured your rotator cuff and are local to the Dexter area in Maine, the team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy is here to create a personalized treatment plan that will put you on the road to recovery.

While minor shoulder pain can be treated with rest or ice, a rotator cuff tear is a much more serious condition.

Types of rotator cuff tears

If you tear or injure your rotator cuff, the pain will weaken your shoulder and disrupt your daily life. This means everyday tasks like getting dressed or reaching for an item from a shelf may be painful or difficult to do. It’s important to know the signs of a possible rotator cuff injury and to seek help from a medical professional.

  • Degenerative tear — A degenerative tear is the wearing down of the tendon slowly over time and naturally comes with the aging process. Factors that contribute to degenerative tears include repetitive stress to the shoulder (i.e. swinging a baseball bat, working overhead or rowing), lack of blood flow and bone spurs.
  • Acute tear — An acute tear can occur from lifting unsafely something heavy or a dislocated shoulder, among other instances.

Starting rotator cuff treatment at Back in Motion of Dexter

The sooner you address your rotator cuff problem, the better. At Back in Motion Physical Therapy in Dexter, our goal is to help you reduce pain and restore function. Your physical therapist will introduce stretches and strengthening exercises that will improve your flexibility and range of motion. Getting treatment started as soon as possible will prevent your shoulder from getting worse and put you on the path toward returning to your normal routine.

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