Running Tips to Avoid Injury

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Going for a run, eh?  Whether a race or just for recreation, make sure you follow these tips to stay healthy and injury-free!


  1. Perform a dynamic warmup. This does not mean jogging a little slower for the first few minutes of any run. A dynamic warmup involves active movement of large muscle groups in order to wake them up and prepare them for the challenge of running. See examples below.
  1.  Stretch. After running, be sure to include static stretching. This means stretching out the muscles without active movement. For adequate stretching, perform each for at least 30 secs, twice. See examples below.
  1.  Cross train. A good warmup before and stretch session after aren’t the only tools in your injury-prevention toolbox. Cross-training is vital to keep your hips and core (abdominals and back) muscles strong. Try other forms of exercise like swimming, biking, yoga, and strength training to help stave off common running-related injuries.


Dynamic warmup exercises: high skipping, grapevine, squats, hip hikes, trunk rotations and leg swings.


Static Stretches: hamstring stretch, hip flexor stretch,IT-Band stretch, and the piriformis stretch.


 Cross Training Exercises: clamshells (for hip and glute strength), bridges, side lying hip abductions, towel scrunches (foot strength) and lots more!



Thank you for your awesome advice and demonstrations Claudia Burns!







-Jenna Willey

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