Sciatica pain exercises with an expert

Since it can affect so much of the lower body, people dealing with sciatica pain can find themselves extremely limited in their activity level. While some degree of rest does offer relief for sciatic nerve compression, it’s also important to stay active with regular exercises. If you’re someone who has to live with chronic sciatic pain, then you know this is often easier said than done. 

This is where working with an expert, such as a physical therapist, to learn how to perform sciatica pain exercises effectively comes in. While exercise provides a number of key benefits, including a stronger body, better posture and improved cardiovascular and nerve functioning, people with sciatica run the risk of worsening their condition. As experts in the structure and mechanics of the body, physical therapists are uniquely qualified to assess your sciatica pain, recommend exercises and provide instruction on how to safely perform them.

 Guided sciatica pain exercises with a physical therapist

Physical therapists have received expert training in how to assess the physical causes and contributors to conditions like sciatica. With a series of postural and movement tests as well as in-depth discussions about your symptoms and the treatments you’ve previously attempted, your therapist can better understand your condition and how targeted exercises can help. 

An exercise program consisting of active techniques, performed by the patient, and passive techniques, which are performed on the patient by the therapist, can accomplish the following for sciatica patients:

  • Relieve leg pain and improve mobility
  • Release the sciatic nerve from entrapment, especially if a muscle strain is the cause 
  • Increase stability in the lower back, buttocks and hips

Sciatica pain exercises can also be combined with other physical therapy methods, including myofascial release and electrical stimulation, to create a comprehensive pain relief program. 

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