Sports injury doctor in Gorham, ME

There are many benefits that a great sports injury doctor can offer athletes in Gorham, Maine. Luckily, there’s a physical therapy team right here in town that has this type of doctor on staff. 

Back in Motion is proud to offer high-quality physical therapy to the residents of Gorham, Maine. We offer many types of therapy, but there’s one thing that’s always the same about every therapy plan we create: our commitment to personalized service. One thing personalized service means to us is creating a unique therapy plan specifically for your condition or injury. It also means we’ll try to make sure you see the same therapist in every appointment. That way we can develop a bond of trust with you that may have benefits for your therapy. One of the members of our Back in Motion team that practices this form of commitment is our sports injury doctor at our Gorham, Maine clinic. 

Two injury prevention tips from our sports injury doctor in Gorham, ME

Our sports injury doctor in Gorham, Maine knows that you’re at risk of getting injured every time you play sports. However, our doctor also knows that there are two tips that may offer you a better chance of preventing sports injuries. 

The first tip our doctor gives sports players is to watch out for fatigue. We know that fatigue is natural in any sport. However, we also know that as your level of fatigue increases, your playing form often becomes worse. This could be a problem for you, because poor form increases your chances of injury. So, if you start to feel tired the next time you’re playing a sport, you may want to ask for a sub to spell you for a few minutes. You can also set up a player rotation before the game starts if your sport allows. Both of these options will allow you the chance to take a breather, maintain good playing form and may reduce your risk of injury.

A second tip our sports doctor often gives players is to make sure to warm up properly. Our team knows that sports put a lot of stress on your body. If you put this high amount of stress on a body that’s not warmed up, you’re only increasing the chances that you’ll injure yourself. For instance, linemen in football have a much higher chance of pulling a leg muscle if they don’t warm up their legs. You may be able to reduce your chances of such an injury by having an effective warm-up that you do before every practice and game. Our doctors and therapists may even be able to help you develop such a routine. 

Our team at Back in Motion is ready to help you reduce your chances of getting a sports injury. Our sports injury doctor in Gorham, Maine is available with tips and therapies that may help you prevent future injuries or treat injuries you already have. 

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