Take a step toward preventing workplace injuries with an ergonomics assessment

Workplace injuries are something that most people work hard to avoid. However, it was reported that more than 900,000 work injuries occurred in the U.S. in 2018. 

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline. It involves designing equipment and workspaces so that the people using them are safer and more productive. Improved ergonomics can play a significant role in preventing work injuries. One study reports that implementing an ergonomics improvement plan at an Oklahoma nursing home led to a 75% decrease in work injuries. Not sure if your workplace ergonomics could be improved? Physical therapists can help you answer this question with an ergonomic assessment.

Three ways an ergonomic assessment can help prevent workplace injuries

An ergonomics assessment or analysis can be performed by specially trained physical therapists. Such an assessment can help prevent workplace injuries in three ways: 

  1. Revealing ergonomic issues with workplace equipment — Poorly designed equipment can cause issues that increase the risk of work injuries. It might put the body in an unhealthy posture, which can lead to neck or back issues. Such equipment could also require workers to make repetitive motions. In turn, these motions can lead to more injuries. Ergonomics analyses are designed to check that work equipment is as ergonomic as possible. 
  1. Pinpointing workspace ergonomic issues — Ergonomic workspaces are laid out in ways that are designed to reduce injury risk. Minor issues with workspace layout can cause injuries. A computer monitor that’s too low can lead to poor neck posture and neck pain. Poor keyboard positioning can cause issues with your hands or wrists. An ergonomics analysis is designed to review the ergonomics of your workstation. This will help ensure that it is as safe as possible. 
  1. Educating workers — Many ergonomics analyses include an educational component. It’s more difficult to prevent work injuries if you don’t know much about ergonomics. Physical therapists can help workers learn more about this important topic. They can also recommend specific steps that workers can take to improve work ergonomics.

Find effective ergonomics assessment services at Back in Motion

Need an ergonomics assessment? Our team at Back in Motion is primed to assist you. We offer several services that can help businesses improve their workplace ergonomics, and these services are also designed to help prevent work injuries. Services that can help you meet these goals include our: 

  • Work risk analysis (ergonomics assessment)
  • Employee health workshop
  • Musculoskeletal disorder prevention program
  • 10-day provider services

Contact one of our front desk coordinators today for more information about these services or to schedule an initial appointment for a work injury. 

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