The top two reasons to go to physical therapy soon after a car accident

You pull up to a stoplight. You stop and look down at your phone. Wham! Another car runs into you from behind. This scenario is far too common in the U.S. In fact, it’s estimated that about 3 million Americans are injured in car crashes every year

Right after a car accident, you may feel fine and decide that you don’t need to seek medical attention. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should go to physical therapy soon after your car accident. 

These are two reasons to go to physical therapy right after a car accident

Physical therapists are trained to treat many musculoskeletal injuries, including those caused by motor vehicle accidents. These medical professionals can help you avoid post-accident problems like: 

  • Delayed pain — In many cases, car accident injuries like whiplash don’t cause immediate pain. You might not feel pain until several days after your accident. Going to see a physical therapist even if you don’t feel immediate pain can be helpful. They can identify injuries that have not yet begun to hurt. Your therapist can help you treat such issues and reduce or eliminate the future pain they can cause.
  • Untreated injuries — Whiplash can lead to soft tissue damage in many parts of the neck, shoulders and back. Your initial pain may soon fade. This can make you think you don’t need to seek help for your injury. 

However, leaving your injury untreated can trigger pain and stiffness years later. Attending a precautionary physical therapy session allows such lingering issues to be identified and addressed immediately. 

What can a physical therapy plan after a car accident include?

There are many techniques that physical therapists can use to treat car accident injuries. Some of the techniques your therapist may use to help you include: 

  • Dry needling intended to break down myofascial trigger points caused by your injury. 
  • Therapeutic exercises that can help stretch and strengthen the muscles affected by your accident. 
  • Manual therapy designed to realign the spine and increase flexibility. 

Find effective physical therapy after your car accident at Back in Motion

Are you looking for top-notch physical therapy after a car accident? Look no further than our Back in Motion Physical Therapy team. We offer free screenings that can identify injuries you’ve suffered during a car crash. You’ll also find that our physical therapists are adept at building therapy plans that are customized to your needs. Even more exciting, we offer at-home care and virtual therapy sessions that can help treat your injuries right in your home.

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