Three tips on how to improve your balance with exercise

Whether you’re trying to reduce your risk of falling or prevent a sports-related injury, improving your overall balance can play a very important role. This is especially true among the elderly population, where according to the National Council on Aging, falls represent the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries. No matter what reason you’re trying to improve your balance, targeted exercise is one of the most effective ways to do it. 

As trained experts in the functioning of the body, physical therapists are particularly qualified to help patients address balance-related concerns. That’s why we’re happy to share the following tips on how to improve your balance with exercise. 

Here’s how exercise can help improve your balance

Proper balance requires multiple systems of the body to work together in a very specific way. By developing and following a targeted exercise program, you can train your body to be more stable and less prone to dizziness and falls. Here are some important tips that our physical therapists would recommend for anyone who wants to know how to improve their balance with exercise:

  1. Be consistent — For the systems that promote balance and stability in the body, it’s often a use-it-or-lose-it affair. As our strength and coordination declines with age or a sedentary lifestyle, so too will our sense of balance. By practicing balance exercises regularly, even just a few times a week, you can give yourself the best chance of retaining core functioning.
  2. Focus on a strong body — Strong muscles are essential to balancing yourself. Any exercise program to improve balance should be based on strengthening the core and lower body muscles in particular that help us stay stable while standing and moving. 
  3. Pay attention to posture — Poor posture can be a serious contributor to balance and stability issues. Any exercise program should be built around improving body awareness and promoting proper posture. You should try to practice good posture not only during exercises, but also as you go about daily activities. 

By consistently practicing balance training exercises, you can reduce your risk of issues including falls and sports-related injuries. 

Balance training exercise with a licensed professional

Want to develop a highly effective balance training program? Turn to the team of licensed professionals at Back in Motion Physical Therapy. We can perform a thorough assessment that includes reviewing your medical history and performing balance and posture evaluations to determine the specific exercises and treatments that are right for you. 

Whether you choose in-clinic therapy, virtual therapy or at-home sessions, you can rest assured that you will receive the same level of exceptional care and service from our highly skilled clinicians. To learn more and schedule your initial appointment, contact us today

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