Three ways women’s health physical therapy in Maine can benefit you

Women’s Health MaineThere’s a popular perception that the same aches, pains and medical issues affect both men and women. While this perception may be true for general issues like back pain, there are certain problems that affect women’s health in Maine more often than men. 

Women’s health physical therapy services are designed to help women address issues that specifically affect them. Many of these issues revolve around pregnancy or the pelvic area. Additionally, medical research claims that women are twice as likely to develop certain musculoskeletal disorders in their upper body. There are many ways that women’s health physical therapy in Maine can benefit women who are looking for help with their pain. 

Women’s health physical therapy in Maine can offer these three benefits: 

  1. Reducing pregnancy-related pain — It’s common for women to experience many types of pain both during and immediately after a pregnancy. Medical research shows this to be true, and one study on pregnancy-related pain found that: 
  • 70.7% of its subjects experienced lower back pain. 
  • 33.2% of its subjects developed hand and wrist pain. 
  • 32.1% of its subjects had hip pain. 

A physical therapist who specializes in women’s health can help you find ways to reduce these and other types of pregnancy-related pain. 

  1. Addressing chronic pelvic pain — There are many women who develop pain in their pelvis that lasts for months at a time. This type of pain is also called chronic pelvic pain. A medical survey on chronic pelvic pain reports that nearly 15% of the women surveyed had experienced chronic pelvic pain within the past three months. 

Physical therapists can help you learn the issue that’s causing your chronic pelvic pain. They can then help you learn as much as possible about this cause and help you find the most effective treatment options for your pain. 

  1. Treating chronic bowel and bladder problems — Women also tend to develop bowel problems like constipation and bladder problems like urinary incontinence (UI). Such issues often develop because you have a pelvic floor muscle problem. Muscles that are too tight often make it harder to evacuate your bowels or bladder. Loose or weak muscles make it tougher to control the evacuation of your bowels or bladder. 

A physical therapist can help you learn therapeutic exercises to stretch and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They can also use biofeedback and manual therapy techniques to address pelvic floor muscle issues. 

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