Two types of physical therapy from home

Physical therapy no longer has to be performed in an office. This may sound nuanced, but many physical therapy practices are now adopting platforms that allow physical therapy appointments to be performed in the comfort of your own home. Back in Motion is leading the way in this new practice by offering in-home and virtual physical therapy appointments. 

There are several advantages to scheduling a physical therapy appointment from home, like being able to squeeze an appointment into a busy schedule because you don’t have to commute to the office and not having to reschedule if you’re feeling under the weather. 

While virtual and at-home physical therapy can both be enjoyed from your home, there are a few differences between the two. Take a look at what each type of appointment entails to determine the best route for your needs. 

Virtual physical therapy from home

Virtual physical therapy allows you to videoconference your physical therapist from anywhere in your home. You will work through exercises and stretches, and your physical therapist can correct your form and give you instructions along the way via video. There are a few advantages to choosing virtual physical therapy, such as:

  • No risk of infection if you are sick or susceptible to infection (immediately following surgery)
  • No commute into the office
  • Easy to fit into your schedule
  • Reduces your need to reschedule due to being late, etc.

At-home physical therapy

At-home physical therapy is still performed from your home, but your physical therapist will be right there with you instead of on a videoconference. Think of it like a house call from your doctor. Many people choose at-home physical therapy when they have limited mobility after an operation or they need to learn how to function in their home after an injury. This is also a good option for people who do not have a steady mode of transportation. Some of the advantages of choosing at-home therapy include:

  • In-person adjustments throughout your appointment
  • Functional help moving in your home (great for post-surgical rehab)
  • Reduced risk of infection if you are susceptible 

To learn more about our options for physical therapy from your home, contact our team at Back in Motion today. We can help you find the type of appointment that’s right for you.

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