Three physical therapy methods that can treat hip pain

Doing too much jogging. Sitting or standing with poor posture. Impacts to the hip while playing sports. Hip pain can develop for many reasons, especially if you’re an active person. 

It’s estimated that up to 40% of people who play sports develop hip pain in their lifetime. Physical therapists can help people treat acute, severe or chronic hip pain, and this can include an individualized therapy plan that uses three specific therapy methods. 

These three physical therapy methods can help treat your hip pain

Pain related to strains and minor conditions usually goes away after a few days, but hip pain that lingers or is severe should be addressed by a medical professional. This kind of hip pain may be a sign of a more extreme condition. A physical therapist can help identify the cause of your hip pain and develop a treatment plan.

Your physical therapist can build you a therapy plan using techniques like: 

  1. Dry needling — Most people think of needles being used for injections. But physical therapists can use special thin needles to break up areas of tension in soft tissue. Often, this technique can be useful for addressing hip pain. One study reports that dry needling led to the same level of pain relief as cortisone injections, and it led to no negative side effects. 
  1. Manual therapy — This category of physical therapy includes multiple hands-on techniques. Therapy methods that fall into this category are often used to mobilize joints or soft tissue. Medical researchers report that manual therapy can effectively address hip pain. One study shows that manual therapy successfully reduced hip pain in 81% of patients after five weeks. 
  1. Therapeutic exercises — Many causes of hip pain tend to get worse if the hip isn’t moved regularly. Your physical therapist can show you therapeutic exercises intended to get your hip moving while also reducing your pain. In fact, one study reveals that such exercises had a 50% success rate at reducing pain when patients used them for five weeks. 

Back in Motion Physical Therapy offers top-notch hip pain treatment

At Back in Motion Physical Therapy, we use the latest treatment methods and technology to help patients improve their quality of life, including hip pain patients. We offer free screenings that can help pinpoint the source of your hip pain. Additionally, our therapy specialists are adept at building physical therapy plans that are personalized to your needs and designed to reduce pain. 

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