Where to find a physical therapist in Gorham, ME

If you are local to Gorham, Maine, and are in need of a physical therapist, look no further than Back in Motion Physical Therapy. We don’t just treat the symptoms, we find the underlying cause of the problem and educate you on how best to prevent it from returning. Our physical therapists in Gorham offer hands-on, one-on-one personalized care for every patient to ensure they increase their strength, mobility and endurance for a higher quality of life.

What to expect at your Back in Motion Physical Therapy appointment in Gorham

A physical therapist at Back in Motion Physical Therapy in Gorham will evaluate your symptoms and provide a personalized exercise and education program in self-pain management techniques. They will also provide you with the right tools in order to prevent future physical pain. Here’s a snapshot of what might happen at your first appointment:

  • Upon arrival, you will have to complete the appropriate new patient paperwork needed before your evaluation. Alternatively, you can print and fill them out before your appointment here.

  • Next up is an evaluation with a physical therapist.
    • Your physical therapist will take you to a private room to discuss your condition and any other health concerns you may have.
    • He or she will take specific measurements of your movement and strength limitations around the area your condition of concern is located.
    • He or she will also help you understand all of the factors that influence your problem and your specific physical therapy treatment needs. They will give you an overview of a personalized plan of care that meets your goals of coming in for treatment.
  • Lastly, you will be able to schedule future appointments of your agreed-upon treatment plan. Scheduling multiple appointments ahead of time ensures your physical therapist is available for you. Consistent appointments are key for faster, more consistent results.

Long and short-term physical therapy in Gorham

Your treatment can range from a few weeks to a few months. The physical therapist will discuss with you how many visits you will require and how long you should expect to be in physical therapy to achieve maximal function.  

Contact us today for more information on the physical therapists in Back in Motion Physical Therapy’s Gorham clinic or to schedule an initial appointment.  

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