Why physical therapy is beneficial for athletes of all levels

Many people equate physical therapy with a type of treatment for musculoskeletal issues. But you don’t have to be in pain to undergo physical therapy. For many athletes, physical therapy is used as a way to help reduce the risk of injury and maximize sports performance

Most of what physical therapists do is help revert the body back to moving with the proper mechanics. When we spend years practicing bad posture, moving with the wrong mechanics and adding on extra weight to our bodies, we create issues like chronic back and joint pain. Even in the event of a fall or accident that leads to physical therapy, the physical therapist is correcting the alignment of the muscles and joints to relieve pain. 

In the world of athletics, mechanics are everything. If you are not moving your body properly, you are risking injury and potentially hindering your performance. Imagine throwing a baseball leading with your elbow instead of your wrist. It won’t take long before you deteriorate your elbow joint, and you won’t be throwing as hard or with as much accuracy as you could if you were using the proper body alignment. That’s where physical therapy comes into play.

Physical therapy as sports therapy

Our physical therapists are trained to help athletes get stronger, faster and more agile. We work with athletes of all ages and abilities to instill proper body alignment and mechanics so you can stay in the game longer and play better. By putting our principles into practice, you can help reduce your risk of injury due to unnecessary wear and tear on your muscles and joints. 

If you want to maximize your sports performance, we encourage you to call our team at Back in Motion today. You do not need to have a referral from a doctor to see a physical therapist. We are trained in sports therapy and ready to help you unlock your fullest potential. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment.

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