Why You Should Use Physical Therapy for Sports Injury Rehab

For many people, the worst part about getting injured on the field or the court is the fact that your injury keeps you from participating in the sport you love. If you’ve been injured and are itching to get back into the game, you should consider sports injury rehab from Back in Motion Physical Therapy.

The team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy holds more than 70 years of combined experience in helping people with their physical rehabilitation. We are dedicated to working with you one-on-one to develop a personalized treatment plan aimed at helping you recover quickly and potentially regain your ability to compete.

Some common injuries that sports injury rehab can help treat include:

  • Muscular strains and tears
  • Joint and ligament strains and sprains
  • Dislocated joints
  • General pain and loss of strength or mobility
  • Recovery from surgery related to sports injuries

How physical therapy helps you recover from sports injuries

When you’ve been injured, it’s important to strengthen and add flexibility to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the injured area. During your first visit with Back in Motion Physical Therapy, you will receive a complete examination, including physical tests, a review of your medical background and questions about your health, activities and injury.

We recognize that each patient is unique, so we give each patient a personalized treatment plan. Once your initial examination is complete, your physical therapist can begin your personalized treatment. Many sports injury rehab treatments tend to include:

  • Strength and flexibility training
  • Balance coordination
  • Specific exercises and training tailored to your sporting needs
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hot and cold treatments to help with pain management

You may also be given instructions for exercises to complete in your home between your physical therapy sessions. Following your physical therapist’s instructions should help you recover and hopefully resume your favorite activities again.

Are you suffering from a sports-related injury and itching to get back on the field? Contact Back in Motion Physical Therapy today to schedule your appointment at one of our five offices located across southern Maine.