Workers’ comp physical therapy in Brewer, ME

When it comes to finding physical therapy treatment that accepts workers’ compensation in Maine, it can be tricky to navigate your options. Back in Motion Physical Therapy welcomes workers’ comp patients at our Brewer, Maine facility whether you have a minor or severe workplace injury. Making use of your workers’ comp benefits is a critical step toward recovery.

The caring staff at Back in Motion Physical Therapy understands that physical therapy treatment for the injured worker can be unique. We strive to coordinate effective recovery plans to ensure a successful and safe return to work.   

Workers’ comp at Back in Motion Physical Therapy in Brewer

If you need documentation for workers’ compensation, we will provide it.  For your convenience, a Back in Motion Physical Therapy Representative will meet with you to help answer any billing or workers’ comp insurance questions you may have.  You may also call the Brewer office at (207) 992-4042.

At Back in Motion Physical Therapy in Brewer, one of our skilled physical therapists will start with assessing your current physical abilities related to your job requirements. The physical therapist will help you understand all of the factors that influence your problem and specific physical therapy treatment needs. They will also give you an overview of a personalized plan of care that meets your goals of coming in for treatment.

Throughout your therapy process in Brewer, the team at Back in Motion will always be there to listen and answer your questions about workers’ compensation for physical therapy and keep you up-to-date on how your treatment is progressing. Our goal is to get you back to work quickly and safely.

Quality workers’ comp care in Brewer

From your first visit with us, you will find people who are dedicated to your health, well-being and making your workers’ comp care as pleasant as possible. Our staff has over seven decades of combined experience to help make sure you get increased function and effective pain relief. We also offer extensive patient education programs to help you prevent reinjury.  

Contact our Brewer location today to learn more or to schedule an initial appointment.

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