Can you get arthritis in the elbow?

Arthritis, most commonly in the form of osteoarthritis, is an age-related condition that causes inflammation of the joints. This is due to increased bone-on-bone contact related to the drying out and breaking down of the protective layer of cartilage that allows for smooth joint motion. Arthritis can affect any joint in the body, including the elbows. 

Since we put so much stress on the elbow joints every day through repetitive motions, the elbows are actually a very common joint for this condition to occur in. While arthritis is not reversible, there are many effective forms of treatment to help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life. 

By helping to improve mobility and strengthen supporting muscles, physical therapists are particularly qualified to treat arthritis in the elbow. To help you better understand the benefits it can provide, we’re sharing the following information. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or want to learn more about our therapeutic options after looking this over. 

Physical therapy for arthritis in the elbow

For patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis, or any other form of arthritis in the elbow, physical therapists can help you develop a treatment plan designed to manage your symptoms. Although this condition causes aches and stiffness that make mobility difficult, arthritis tends to worsen with inactivity, so it’s important to be proactive. 

While there is no “cure” for arthritis in the elbow, physical therapy can accomplish the following as part of a comprehensive treatment plan:

  • Relieve pressure on the elbow joints with strength and flexibility exercises
  • Increase range of motion through targeted movement training
  • More easily accomplish everyday tasks with ergonomic improvements
  • Relieve aches and pains through manual therapies and other targeted treatments

By working closely with your therapist and committing to your treatment sessions, you can improve your level of activity and decrease the frequency of painful flare-ups.

Arthritis treatment expertise at Back in Motion Physical Therapy

At our beautiful clinics, the Back in Motion team is passionate about providing compassionate, patient-centered care to everyone who comes to us seeking relief. Through one-on-one treatment plans and a deep understanding of your unique needs and goals, we help people successfully manage arthritis and other injuries and conditions. 

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