Sciatica pain treatment — do stretches work?

Sciatica pain can have a disruptive effect on nearly every aspect of your life, taking you away from your favorite people and activities. Whether it’s caused by lower back problems, a muscle strain, pregnancy or other causes, the symptoms of sciatic nerve compression should not be ignored. By working with qualified professionals to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, it is possible to successfully manage this condition. 

Physical therapy is a highly effective discipline for sciatica pain treatment, including stretches and other exercises designed to improve range of motion and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. If you’re wondering whether sciatica pain treatment stretches performed with the assistance of a physical therapist can help you, we’re happy to provide the following guide. 

How a physical therapist uses stretches for sciatica pain treatment

When you see a physical therapist for sciatica pain relief, he or she will start by performing a full evaluation. This will typically include a hands-on examination as well as movement tests to determine the primary sources of pain. From there, you and your therapist can work together to create a physical therapy plan that is right for your specific needs. 

Therapeutic stretches can be both active, which are performed by the patient, and passive, which are performed by the therapist on the patient. Sciatica pain treatment stretches are used because they can accomplish the following goals:

  • Improve range of motion and flexibility
  • Relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve
  • Increase blood flow to the area
  • Promote stability and balance

It’s important to be consistent with your physical therapy and keep a positive attitude as you work to find relief from sciatica. One of the best ways to do this is work with a physical therapist who can keep you motivated and energized. 

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