Top Physical Therapist Approved Shoes

runGot shoes?

As a physical therapist, one of the most common questions I get asked by people of all ages with a variety of injuries is: “Do my shoes affect the injury I have or can a different kind of shoe help?” The short answer is yes. The mechanics of our feet and the support they have on a daily basis play a large role in the mechanics of our entire body. With that said I have decided to compile a list of the top footwear brands I recommend to people with a variety of injuries. I am basing these brands on what they offer the consumer such as comfort, support, price, and the target population of their shoes. Here are my top three PT approved shoes for the everyday person, athlete or weekend warrior. (more…)

Warning Signs of a Fall Risk

Are you or an aging parent at risk for falling?

The Center for Disease Control reports that 1 out of 3 people over age of 65 and 1 out of 2 over the age of 80 falls every year! Falls are also the leading cause of accidental injury and death in people older than 65. (more…)

How to Prevent ACL and Knee Injuries

Growing up in Maine I’ve always loved skiing! One of the things I always have in the back of my mind while hitting the slopes is hurting my knees.

What many people aren’t aware of is the fact that physical therapy is a proven effective way to prevent knee injuries. Research done on female collegiate athletes and ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury prevention has shown nearly an 80% reduction in knee injury rates in girls who completed the prevention program in comparison to those who did not.

Females injure their ACL’s more frequently than men do because of our anatomy. We generally have a wider pelvis than men do and this places increased stress at the knee. It is important to improve flexibility, strength (especially in your legs, hips, and core), balance, agility, and your ability to jump and land safely. (more…)

Foam Rolling 101 – From the Future

In the movie Back to the Future 2, Marty and Doc went to the future.

The date in the “future” was October 21, 2015.  Based on the movie, some “predictions” about our current time have been made.  Hover boards, floating cars, rehydrating food, self-tying shoes, and the Cubs winning the World Series are just a few predictions about 2015 in the Comic Fiction Movie released in 1989.  Did you notice that in the movie, most of the people were active, able, and not injured?  The writers must have imagined pieces of equipment that could help us prevent injury!


How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance

Use your unused physical therapy benefits before they expire at years-end.

Here’s a reminder that your insurance benefits for the 2015 calendar year are coming to a close very soon.  If you are having any pains, dysfunction or other general physical therapy concerns, please call us to schedule an appointment. #(207)839-5860

If you have any questions regarding your 2015 insurance benefits, please call me to discuss them.  I will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.


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Top 4 Ways To Relieve Spinal Stenosis

Do you suffer from radiating pain to the back, buttocks, or legs? Spinal stenosis may be to blame.

Spinal stenosis occurs mostly in people over 50 and can be treated without surgery. Check out this month’s Back in Motion Physical Therapy newsletter for more information on how to relieve pain from spinal stenosis.

Spinal Stenosis


Can Physical Therapy Treat Vertigo?

Vertigo is a disorder of your vestibular system (head position) which causes disequilibrium, feeling like the room is spinning and possible nausea and vomiting.

There are two types of vertigo that can be treated with physical therapy:

  • BPPV
    • Caused by little “rocks” in your vestibular system that float around and cause incorrect signals to your brain about your head position.
  • Vestibular lesion
    • Dysfunction in your vestibular system that causes inability to maintain your balance when walking and inability to focus when turning your head.

What are symptoms of the types of vertigo?

  • BPPV
    • With his type you feel dizziness and the room spinning whenever you change your positions. For example, if you bend forward to pick something up, when you go back to a standing position you will experience the dizziness or room spinning feeling. (It can occur in all other types of motions i.e. getting up from out of bed, getting up from a sitting position, rolling in bed etc.)
  • Vestibular Lesion
    • When you are walking it will feel like you veer to one side or the other.
    • When you have to turn your head quickly you will feel dizzy and lose the ability to focus.

How do you treat vertigo?

  • BPPV
    • To treat BPPV you need to perform certain maneuvers to get the “rocks” that are floating around back to where they need to be so your vestibular system sends the correct signals.
    • This type will usual resolve in about 3-4 visits. (It may take longer)
  • Vestibular lesion
    • Just the same way you strengthen a muscle you need to challenge the vestibular system to improve its function. Though unlike BPPV it does take longer to resolve.
    • An exercises that can be done at home to help relieve symptoms and it is called X1 viewing.Vertigo Treatment
      • Start by sitting in chair while looking at a stationary object.
      • While maintaining eye contact with the object turn your head left and right. Do not take your eyes off the object.
      • Do this for 30 seconds and repeat 4 times.
      • You can progress to standing when minimal to no dizziness is experienced with this exercise while sitting.

Gorham Maine Physical Therapist Tristan Hayes

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The Boom… or Bust of the Stand-up Work Station

With the increase in popularity of the stand-up or sit-stand work stations I have been asked by several people whether they should make the switch from their traditional sitting work area.

Courtesy Beth Comeau

Courtesy Beth Comeau

The answer should vary depending on several factors that I think you should consider before making the change. (more…)

Simple Steps to Relieve Back Pain

As the weather gets colder we tend to become less active.

We sit more at school, at work, and at home. This can bring about lower back pain. Here are a few quick tips and exercises that you can do to prevent lower back pain. (more…)