Why Strengthening Your Core Is Beneficial

The transverse abdominis (TrA) is our body’s deepest layer of abdominal muscle located underneath the rectus abdominis.

This muscle wraps around the torso acting as a corset to support and protect the internal organs by compressing against the abdominal wall. The transverse abdominis also acts as a stabilizer to the pelvis and the lumbar spine by providing support and preventing improper movement. So why is it important to keep this muscle strong? A weak transverse abdominis may lead to low back pain. When your TrA is weak, it is unable to do its job of stabilizing the pelvis and spine. This creates postural instabilities that can be a cause of pain in the lower back. Keeping this muscle strong allows your pelvis to stay in a neutral position and keeps your lumbar spine supported, which can prevent back pain. (more…)

How to Maintain Good Posture While Using Technology

When using cellphones, laptops, or are simply sitting at a computer we often end up with some pretty crazy postures.

Most commonly you’ll see:

  • Heads bent over phone for long periods of time.
  • Slumped body posture on computer.
  • Using hands to support our heads when were tired.

So what we end up with eventually are:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder and arm pain
  • Numbness and tingling into the hands and arms
  • Low back pain

Symptoms come from the neck being forward bent for long times:

  • It increases the internal neck pressure by 3 times normal!!
  • Compresses the muscles and joints at the base of the skull.
  • Can compress the nerves and blood vessels to the arms.
  • Overstretches the nerve and connective tissues.

On this month’s WCSH Morning Show segment Back in Motion’s Mary Kroth-Brunet gives helpful tips on how to keep good posture while using these pieces of technology.

You have VERTIGO…We have ANSWERS

You may not need to be stressed, depressed, and frustrated.

Have you woken up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or jumped out of bed in the morning to find that your world is spinning out of control, you can’t walk a straight line, you are nauseous, and maybe even vomiting?  Did you rush to the emergency room or your primary care doctor afraid you were having a major medical event?  You likely found yourself answering dozens of questions about your symptoms and running through a gauntlet of tests; fearful and anxious about what they were going to say.  If so, you are not alone.  As many as 35% of individuals over the age of 40, approximately 69 million Americans, have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction.  Vertigo can account for up to 1/3rd of all individuals reporting dizziness to their healthcare provider. And I am a Physical Therapist who treats patients with vertigo.  (more…)

Physical Therapy Helps Ease Pregnancy Pain

You’re a tough woman. A tough pregnant woman.

You don’t take nonsense from anyone. So why are you just putting up with the body aches and pains you are experiencing while awaiting the arrival of your baby? Pain during pregnancy isn’t something you want to wait out, many of the issues you experience during pregnancy have simple solutions. Besides increasing your comfort and happiness, taking care of yourself now can be beneficial for years to come. Physical therapy is a holistic approach to getting you through a healthy pregnancy. A treatment program will be tailored to your specific needs and to your stage of pregnancy. (more…)

Back in Motion Gives Back Holiday Giving Tree

Now through Thursday, December 18th we will have our annual Holiday Giving Tree up in all three locations.

The gifts collected are for families who have been displaced from their homes due to domestic violence.  This year we are sponsoring five families through Family Crisis Services.

If you are interested in purchasing a gift for these families please stop by any one of our locations and follow the instructions on the tree.  Thank you for helping us help these families have a happier, healthier holiday!


Gifts must be returned with the tag to Back in Motion by 5:00pm on Thursday, December 18th.  We ask that all gifts be left unwrapped so the mothers of these families can see the wonderful gifts and they can have the pleasure of wrapping them.  Additional donations will happily be accepted, no tag required.

Donations of wrapping supplies are also appreciated.

Back in Motion Takes Part In SNAP Fitness’s Push-Up Challenge for Crystal

Crystal Goodwin was diagnosed with Mast Cell disease, a rare life threatening disorder.

She is Maine’s only known case of this disease. Crystal’s medications alone cost $300,000 a year, and her severe anaphylactic reactions have lead her to over 30 ER visits since she was diagnosed.

In October 2014 SNAP Fitness held a push-up challenge to help Crystal raise the $9,000 required to cover back to back deductibles. This goal will help pay for the medications that help keep her alive.

Crystal is a patient at Back in Motion Physical Therapy’s clinic in South Portland Maine, and has become part of our family. Employees gathered sponsors and took part in the push-up challenge to show their support for Crystal. We helped to raise $2,200. Here’s how it happened…