At Back in Motion Physical Therapy, our focus is to change people’s lives by providing pain relief and improving their quality of life.

  • Hands-on physical therapy by a clinician who works one-on-one with you during your therapy sessions.
  • Highly personalized care that’s precisely right for you.
  • You’ll usually see the same therapist at every visit, leading to more personalized and effective care.
  • We have nine convenient locations to serve you.
  • We offer extensive patient education programs to help you prevent reinjury.
  • We open early and close late to accommodate almost any schedule.
  • Our staff has over a century of combined experience to draw from to help make sure you get increased function and effective pain relief.

Where is Your Pain?

Suffering from pain or stiffness and don’t know why? Identify where you are in pain and click on the corresponding white circle to discover different conditions that might be the cause of your pain.

Front Office Coordinator

We are here for you,
first and foremost.

That’s why we take the time to make sure you understand why you’re experiencing your pain and explain our approach to your treatment. Through this communication and education, we can help you achieve your rehabilitation and/or physical fitness goals. We’re a team of licensed, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants committed to state-of-the-art care and dedicated to your success. Many of today’s most common conditions can be treated or corrected with modern physical therapy techniques. When you need help for pain, injury, headaches or stress, you deserve professionals who understand what you’re going through. Our helpful, caring staff goes much further, offering you personalized attention, respect and understanding.

Where is Your Pain?

Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Elbow Pain
Wrist Pain
Knee Pain
Ankle Pain

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