How to stop dizziness naturally with physical therapy

Feeling faint, woozy, unsteady or weak. All these words are used to describe dizziness. This issue is often a side effect of some medications, but it can also be caused by inner ear problems, dehydration or low blood sugar. 

It’s estimated that more than 2 million American adults report frequent dizziness. Figuring out how to stop dizziness naturally isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, it could be as easy as meeting with a physical therapist. 

How physical therapists can help stop dizziness naturally

Not dealing with your dizziness can lead to other serious issues. For instance, you’re more likely to fall and injure yourself. Studies report that 3 million seniors go to emergency departments to be treated for fall injuries every year. Often, these falls are the result of a dizziness episode. 

Learning how to stop dizziness naturally can help you avoid such injuries. Physical therapists can assist you in discovering natural treatment options for dizziness. Typically, these specialists will perform an assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms. They’ll then build you an individualized treatment plan designed to decrease dizziness. Some techniques that might be included in your therapy plan include: 

  • Canalith repositioning — This technique is designed to assist patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). BPPV occurs when small crystals in your inner ear are knocked loose, which affects balance. During canalith repositioning, therapists move your head in ways that are intended to reposition inner ear crystals. This can help reduce episodes of dizziness. One study of this technique reveals that up to 80% of patients who used it reported resolution of their symptoms. Therapists can also show you how to perform canalith repositioning on your own. 

Find out more about how to stop dizziness naturally at Back in Motion

Not sure how to stop dizziness naturally on your own? Our physical therapists at Back in Motion are ready and willing to help you. Our team offers free screenings that can help you learn the source of your dizziness. We can also build you a personalized therapy plan designed to reduce dizziness and improve balance. 

Uneasy about coming to our office because of COVID-19? No problem! We offer virtual appointments that allow you to get help without leaving your home. Our team even offers at-home therapy sessions with a physical therapist. 

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