Success Stories

Amethyst H.

Softball has always been a huge part of my life. It was one of the few outlets I had; a place to escape and forget about all of the stress and just play. When I injured my shoulder and was unable to throw a ball without being in excruciating pain, I was devastated. Fortunately though,… Read More

Karen S.

When I arrived at Back in Motion, I was on crutches, (non-weight bearing) and had negative flexion on my foot associated with my injured ankle. I was recovering from a trimalleolar fracture and surgery where a plate and pin were used to aid stability. I am now back on the stairmaster, climbing and ascending stairs,… Read More

Stanley Q.

At this time, I am pain-free. This is due to the concern and skill of everyone who worked with me. coming here has been a most positive experience. When I started, I was very worried about my situation but was soon relieved because of the in-house help I received and by doing exercises at home.… Read More

Laura L.

  “I came to PT scared that I might not get to play my instruments again, something that has brought me joy for years. The first couple of weeks I still couldn’t play without pain. I was worried I might never be able to, but I realized as time went on I was making small… Read More

Robert S.

“My job as a location sound recordist requires me to cantilever the boom mic overhead with recording gear strapped to my torso, sometimes for hours on end. At age 50, it’s taken a toll on my body.  When my teenage son had a sports-related injury and got a positive outcome with Ted Greeley and the… Read More

Pooja S.

“Back in Motion Physical Therapy has the most wonderful staff. I really enjoyed my experience here. The therapists explained the treatments with great detail and expertise. Alex was amazing to work with and I felt so much better after each visit. Todd always explained and demonstrated the exercises clearly. Kate was a wizard working with… Read More

Scott J.

“I had let my back issues progress for too long a time thinking that it was temporary and due in part to leg surgery of 2 years ago which prevented me from walking correctly, finding a comfortable position and standing while performing music on guitar. My therapist was able to identify back issues and how… Read More

Ann P.

“I have had chronic neck pain with arthritis and bone spurs for several years and right shoulder pain from arthritis and an impingement for two years. Both are significantly improved. I, at times, have no pain and when I do experience pain it is probably a 2-3 level vs 4-5. I am also sleeping better.”… Read More

Alison J.

“Going from a mobile dancer to crutches to limping to dancing again was magical. I can’t thank the people at Back in Motion enough for not only helping me heal, but for helping me make the best of my injury. I’m grateful for everything and so happy to be back on my feet and dancing… Read More

Abigail W.

“I came to Mike at Back in Motion for dry needling/PT because of hamstring tightness that tends to creep up a couple times a year. I’ve been to Mike for this two separate times now, and in a short couple of weeks with four dry needling sessions, things are feeling back to normal and last… Read More

Jason W.

“On November 9th, my two boys and I were driving to an event. We were stopped in traffic when a lady completely wasn’t paying attention and slammed into the back of my vehicle. The impact lifted my vehicle up and tore out the spare tire off from under the vehicle. My son who was sitting… Read More

Ryan P.

In June of 2016, I was pitching in a men’s league [baseball] game at Colby College. It was the 3rd inning and I threw a pitch. The next thing I knew I felt a zing all the up my arm and the pain was unbearable. I was waiting for the pain to subside, but it… Read More

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