Three physical therapy options on hand for ankle pain in Maine

Maine is a startlingly beautiful state, but it can also be hard on people’s ankles. Ankle injuries from your job or from playing sports. Ankle pain from walking around outside. Landing wrong on your foot while coming down the stairs. Any of these issues can happen to Maine residents. 

If you have developed ankle pain recently, you aren’t alone. One medical survey reports that more than 23,000 Americans seek medical help every day just for ankle sprains. There are multiple medical options that can help address your ankle pain, and physical therapy is one of the options you should consider for ankle pain. 

Three physical therapy methods for ankle pain in Maine

People may be hesitant to seek physical therapy for ankle pain or in Maine for a variety of reasons. They may think that other options are more effective. Others might not know exactly how physical therapy can help. Fortunately, there are many ways that physical therapy can be helpful for ankle pain. Some of the treatment options that physical therapists can offer for your ankle include: 

  1. Soft tissue mobilization — It is often more difficult to move a painful ankle on your own. That’s when physical therapists can take your healing into their own hands. Literally. Soft tissue mobilization (STM) is a commonly used physical therapy method for ankle pain. This technique involves a physical therapist using their hands to mobilize ankle soft tissue. One STM study shows that six weeks of it helped completely resolve ankle pain and decreased mobility in one athlete. 
  1. Pre- and post-surgical rehab — Many ankle injuries recover with a combo of time and physical therapy. However, serious injuries may require surgery. Such surgeries can help repair damaged ankle structures and improve your odds of a complete recovery. If you do require an ankle surgery, you can still turn to a physical therapist for help. These specialists can develop a pre-surgical treatment plan designed to help reduce your pain and prep your ankle for surgery. After your surgery, they can help you focus on rebuilding your ankle mobility and strength while working to minimize your pain. 
  1. Functional capacity evaluation — Ankle pain and injuries can definitely affect your ability to work. You may think that you’re recovered enough to return to work, but are you really? This is a question that physical therapists can help you answer using a functional capacity evaluation (FCE). This is a four- to five-hour assessment where you work with a physical therapist. During an FCE, some of the things your physical therapist will do include: 
  • Performing a comprehensive physical assessment. 
  • Having you attempt a range of work activities. 
  • Determining if you can safely return to your job. 

Physical therapy for ankle pain is available at Back in Motion clinics in Maine

Not sure where to turn for effective physical therapy for ankle pain? Back in Motion Physical Therapy has a team of dedicated and experienced physical therapists who are primed to help you. One of our physical therapists can do a free screening on your ankle to pinpoint the cause of your pain. Then, they can construct a physical therapy plan that’s personalized to your condition and recovery goals. 

Contact us today for more information about how we can help treat your ankle pain or to schedule an initial appointment to start addressing your pain.

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