When to Seek Rehabilitation for a Sports Injury

Whether at an amateur, professional or recreational level, millions of Americans love participating in sports for fun and healthy competition. However, as soon as you receive an injury because of your sport, you can no longer participate until it’s healed. And, without assistance, it can take a long time.

At Back in Motion Physical Therapy, we know that injured athletes cannot wait to get back in the game. Whether you’re a golfer or a football player, your sports injury may benefit from the assistance of a physical therapist.

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals with years of training and experience. The physical therapists at Back in Motion Physical Therapy are experts in the human musculoskeletal system. We can identify the source of pain and develop treatments focused on regaining the strength and flexibility of the muscles and ligaments around the injured area to encourage your recovery.

What are common sports injuries that require physical therapy?

  • Sprains — A sprain refers to a ligament that has been torn or stretched, resulting in pain and loss of mobility. 
  • Strains — A strain is like a sprain, but it is the tearing or stretching of a muscle instead of the ligament.  
  • Knee injuries — Your knees work hard in many sports activities. Injuries to the ligaments or meniscus are common in athletes.  
  • Shin splints — These are micro-tears in the muscles and bone along your shin that develop from overactivity.  
  • Tennis elbow — Also known as golfer’s elbow or pitcher’s elbow, this injury refers to pain and inflammation in the tendons of the forearm near your elbow.  

No matter what your sport or your injury, if you’re ready to feel better again and get back in the game, you should seek rehabilitation from a physical therapist.

At Back in Motion Physical Therapy, we use the latest technology and techniques to help athletes recover from their sports-related injuries. Even if you’re injured off the field, you can still benefit from the assistance of a physical therapist.

Would you like to speak with a team member at Back in Motion Physical Therapy to discover how we can help you recover from a sports injury? Contact us today to learn how we can develop a personalized treatment plan to help you on your path to recovery and participate in the activities you love again.