Which sleeping position is best for sciatica?

The answer to this question might be slightly different from person to person. For side sleepers, switching to sleeping on your back may be a better option when you have sciatica. People who already sleep on their back may find relief by sleeping on one side. 

The key is to find the sleeping position that’s the best option for your sciatica symptoms. A physical therapist can help you learn more tips to improve your sleeping position when you have sciatica. They can also offer sciatica treatment that goes far beyond merely finding the best sleeping position. 

Steps you can take to make your sleeping position better for sciatica symptoms

Switching your sleeping position can be one of the best ways to reduce your sciatica symptoms. But there is one position that most experts agree should be avoided. This position is sleeping on your stomach. 

For one thing, stomach sleeping can put additional stress on your lower back, which can make your symptoms worse. Additionally, this position may also stress out your shoulders and neck. In turn, this can lead to other painful issues. 

Some of the other steps you can take to improve your current sleeping position include: 

  1. Putting a pillow between your legs — Side sleepers can put more strain on their lower backs if their knees fall together. Placing a pillow between your knees can help align your lower spine better and help decrease your sciatica symptoms. 
  1. Placing pillows under your knees — Patients who sleep on their backs may also need help keeping their normal back properly aligned. Putting a pillow or pillows under your knees can help you meet this goal and reduce sciatica symptoms. 

Other ways physical therapists can help treat your sciatica

Besides helping you find the best sleeping position for you, physical therapists offer many other treatment options for sciatica and its symptoms. Some of the options your therapist could use include: 

  • Therapeutic exercises to stretch and strengthen your lower back, core and pelvic floor muscles.

Find effective treatment for your sciatica at Back in Motion

Searching for physical therapy that goes beyond teaching you the best sleeping position for your sciatica? Our team at Back in Motion Physical Therapy is primed to help you find comprehensive and effective sciatica treatment. We offer free screenings that can pinpoint underlying issues contributing to your sciatica. In addition, our physical therapists excel at developing personalized therapy plans to reduce sciatica symptoms and address underlying problems. 

Are your sciatica symptoms keeping you shut up at home? That doesn’t mean you can’t still get effective physical therapy from our team. In fact, we offer at-home care and virtual therapy services that are designed to be used in a patient’s own home. 

Contact us today for more information about our sciatica treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment.

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