What can you find physical therapy for near Scarborough, ME?

Physical Therapy Scarborough, ME

Many people in Scarborough, Maine, might hear the words “physical therapy” and think about treating arthritis or sports injuries. These issues are often treated with physical therapy, but this type of treatment can help you out with so much more. 

Would you be surprised to hear that many Americans experience pain? A medical survey reports that about 126 million U.S. adults reported feeling some type of pain in the three months before the survey. Finding physical therapy near Scarborough is one effective way to address many types of musculoskeletal pain. 

Types of pain that physical therapy near Scarborough can help treat: 

  1. Back pain — Feeling pain in the back is a very common issue for Americans. The American Chiropractic Association reveals that about 31 million people are living with lower back pain at any one time. Poor posture is a common trigger for back pain. Lifting heavy objects with poor form or very frequently can also cause back pain. Physical therapists can help address these and many other root causes of upper, middle and lower back pain. 
  1. Neck pain — Another common place to feel pain is in the neck. Neck pain is so common that up to 70% of people experience it in their lifetime. Looking down at a cellphone or laptop screen can regularly lead to neck pain in many people. Car accidents and impacts during sports can also cause painful injuries to structures in your neck. A physical therapist can identify the source of your neck pain. They can then help you find the most effective way to treat your pain. 
  1. Pelvic pain — If you are a woman, it’s likely that you and many other women in the Scarborough area have experienced pelvic pain. Medical research indicates that 1 in 7 women is affected by chronic pelvic pain. Physical therapists in your area offer women’s health physical therapy that can help treat issues that are more common to women, including chronic pelvic pain. 

Looking for effective physical therapy near Scarborough? Back in Motion PT can help

Anyone who is searching for top-notch physical therapy near Scarborough can find help at Back in Motion Physical Therapy. Our South Portland location is only about 15 minutes away, and our team offers treatment for all the types of pain discussed above and much more. We even offer free screenings that can help you learn if physical therapy is the right choice to treat your pain. 

Contact us today for more information about the types of pain we can treat or to schedule an initial appointment to start treating your pain. 

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