When to See a Physical Therapist for Knee Pain Treatment

Your knees are important joints with many ligaments responsible for supporting your weight and enabling you to walk, run and jump. It’s common to experience knee pain, especially in athletes due to the amount of stress and heavy use they put on their knees. However, when this pain lasts for a long time or is suddenly caused by an injury, you should visit a physical therapist for knee pain treatment.

At Back in Motion Physical Therapy, we specialize in working with a variety of physical conditions, including knee pain. Physical rehabilitation of the knee is essential because if chronic knee pain is left ignored, your joints may become stiff, leading to permanent disability.

The physical therapists at Back in Motion Physical Therapy share a combined 70 years of experience in treating conditions like knee pain. Some of the knee conditions we help patients with include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Ligament sprains and tears
  • Meniscus tears, damage to cartilage
  • Arthritis, joint pain
  • Bursitis, extra liquid in the joint
  • Tendinitis, inflammation of the tendons
  • Recovery from knee surgery

Please, visit our hip and knee services page if you would like to learn more about the many services we offer for knee pain treatment. If you want to speak with someone about how physical therapy might help treat your knee pain, you can always give us a call at one of our five offices located throughout southern Maine.

What to expect during your knee pain treatment

Healthy function of your knees is crucial for being able to live your life to its fullest, so we always treat your knee pain seriously. During an appointment at Back in Motion Physical Therapy, your physical therapist will perform a thorough examination to determine your personalized treatment plan.

Your initial consultation will include a physical examination and a review of your medical history and some questions about your well-being and activities. Each knee pain treatment is unique, depending on the individual and the cause of the pain, but you can generally expect standard treatments, including:

  • Hot and cold therapy to help with pain management and inflammation
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Stretching and balancing

Typically, the purpose of knee pain treatment is to strengthen and add flexibility to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the affected area to help support the knee while it heals. After your appointment, you may receive instructions for exercises and stretches to do at home. These should help you reach your recovery goals faster.

Are you ready to see a physical therapist about your knee pain? Contact one of our five offices today to schedule your first appointment and get started on your road to recovery.

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