Three benefits of physical therapy for shoulder pain

Trouble lifting your arm to put on a shirt. Difficulty turning a steering wheel. Problems opening a window. What can lead to these and other issues? One symptom that can do so is shoulder pain. 

Pain in the shoulder is an issue that up to 70% of Americans could experience in their lifetime, but physical therapy can help treat your shoulder pain. In fact, physical therapy can offer many benefits to people with aching shoulders. 

Physical therapy for shoulder pain can offer these three benefits

The shoulder is a complex structure of bones, muscles, tendons and other tissues. This complexity is helpful because it allows the shoulder to move in many different ways. As a result, though, the shoulder can become painful in many ways. 

A physical therapy specialist can help treat a wide range of issues that cause shoulder pain. Additionally, therapeutic care can have many benefits to people with shoulder discomfort, including: 

  1. Revealing the source of your pain — Physical therapists are experts at treating the musculoskeletal system, which includes your shoulders. These specialists can also perform tests that can pinpoint the source of your pain. This is a critical benefit. After all, it’s difficult to effectively treat symptoms if their cause isn’t known. 
  1. Educating you about your shoulder condition — Another important benefit that shoulder pain physical therapy can offer is education. Well-informed patients are more likely to be active physical therapy participants. 

For this reason, your physical therapist will be open to answering any questions you have about your shoulder injury or condition. They will also try to help you learn as much as possible about the issue you have. 

  1. Reducing shoulder pain — No one wants to deal with shoulder pain that continues on and on. That’s probably why you sought therapeutic care in the first place. Fortunately, physical therapists offer many techniques that can help decrease your pain. 

One therapy method your physical therapist could use for shoulder pain is soft tissue mobilization (STM). This form of manual therapy involves your physical therapist using their hands to apply pressure to inflexible soft tissue. A medical study on shoulder pain reports that STM reduced shoulder pain by over 26 points on average in just six sessions

Find effective shoulder pain physical therapy at Back in Motion

Searching for a physical therapy plan that can offer the above benefits for shoulder pain? You’ll find the physical therapy you’re looking for when you visit our therapy specialists at Back in Motion. Our team offers free screenings to pinpoint the cause of your pain. We’ll also take the time to answer your questions and provide information about your condition. 

Additionally, our physical therapists excel at building personalized therapy plans designed to decrease pain. Even better, we offer therapy services that you can use from home, including virtual therapy and at-home care

Contact us today for more information about our shoulder pain treatment services or to schedule your initial appointment. 

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